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Spoiler: Maronne Greenleaf
Spoiler: Image & Link

Spoiler: Description
Maronne is a cheerful looking halfling with an inquisitive glint in her grey-blue eyes. Her shoulder-length straw-blond hair is usually hanging loose; she'll only tie it into a crude tail when engaged in very physical activity, or when reading old, musty tomes. It'd just get in the way then. She's armed with sword and bow and armored with a studded leather armor and buckler, but she doesn't seem very comfortable with these items. She's far more at ease when unarmed and unarmored.

She appears to be a cheerful, open person, often with a friendly smile on her face. Aside from weapons and armor she carries around quite a hefty backpack for someone her size. It contains all her precious writing supplies as well as her prized journal with many of the notes taken in the field. There is never a time to not study the local fauna. Also, she speaks a surprising amount of languages.

Spoiler: Personality
Maronne is a gentle soul with a curious bend. She'll pitch in wherever she can, helping out people with all sorts of activities. That is, when she's not absorbed in a particularly interesting tome. Her favourite field of study is strange beings, be they undead, unnatural or completely alien. She specializes in oozes, though, having written two serious treatises on them.

When there's no studying to be done, she can probably be found in a nearby tavern having a drink with friends. And she'll try to keep up with everyone, even if it's clear she has totally no business doing so.

Spoiler: Character traits and flaws

Likes drinking; perhaps a little too much
Too helpful for her own good sometimes. Why else would you travel through very dangerous terrain all the way from Andoran to Ustalav?

Spoiler: Contacts
Dala Dog-Face - Childhood friend. A far more adventurous type who accompanied Maronne on her only real field study near Riverford. Also accompanied Maronne on the first leg of her journey from Highhelm to Kerse.

Senefer Nisha - Trader on the caravan that took Maronne from Kerse to Vigil.

Wynna - Songstress who often frequented the family inn in Augustana. Her stories set Maronne on the path to becoming an academic.

Petros Lorrimor - Her professor sometime in the past. Deceased.

Spoiler: Story
You want to know about me? Alright. Order two ales and we can sit and talk. You'd best order something for yourself too. Haha.

Seriously though. I'm Maronne Greenleaf, certified Oozologist. I'm the daughter of Waldo and Myrtle, and the sister of Gryffen and Ywain. That's not really the interesting part. I grew up in Augustana, spending a lot of time with my brothers on the streets while my parents worked odd jobs to save up the funds to start an inn. They eventually managed to do so, which meant less time on the streets and more working in the inn. It's there that I met Wynna. She was a songstress with a huge collection of songs and stories about all kinds of strange monsters, which eventually inspired me to read and learn about them. I guess that's what set me on the path to becoming who I am now.

I eventually went to live in Almas for a few years to study. It's there that I got to know professor Lorrimor after one of his lectures. It was a most interesting lecture on use of undead troops in various historical battles. We got to talking after his lecture and we spoke at length about the nature of the undead, as well as my then-favorite subject: the reproductive cycle of whip jelly, specifically a sub-species that only appears in Andoran. He even helped me with a small revision on my paper on that very subject. Oh, and he told me to go out into the field to study them. That was quite the adventure me and my friend Dala had there. I'll not bore you with the details though.

I was sad to hear about the Professor's death, and I really couldn't say no to a private invitation. I was sort of in the middle of extensive research into various types of hauntings when I got the invitation. Which was fortunate, because I was in Highhelm at the time to study some ancient tome there. Together with my friend Dala I travelled along the river all the way from Highhelm to Kerse. From there, I booked passage with a caravan bound for Vigil. First with a boat across lake Encarthan, then further along the road from Vellumis to Vigil. With a few adventurers I then crossed the border into Ustalav and travelled all the way here. The last leg of the journey was terrifying but ultimately uneventful. Fortunately. These parts are dangerous, or so I heard.