Final submission done:

Spoiler: Tobias Finch
Tobias Finch
Human Investigator (Steel Hound)

Spoiler: Description
Tobias is rather unassuming-looking, just shorter than average and of moderate build, but surprisingly quick and confident in his motion. He has short, black hair, which is usually unkempt, and often seems lost in thought about something.

Spoiler: Personality
Tobias is generally quiet and reserved, not generally being very open about what led him to come to Lepidstadt University or to his adventures afterwards. In fact, Professor Lorrimor was the only person he ever told about his sister. He is slow to trust but fiercely loyal--he hasn't become particularly close to anyone he's adventured with before, but he fears someone else dying on his watch above all else.

Spoiler: Traits/Flaws
Black Powder Fortune: +2 vs Fear, Curse, Emotion effects when wielding a firearm
Analytical: +1 to Knowledge checks when taking 10
Subject of Study: +1 damage vs Undead

Helpless: become dazed until start of next turn the first time each encounter that an ally becomes unconscious or dies due to an attack

Spoiler: Backstory
I was never supposed to be the hero. She was.

My little sister, Catherine, was always the adventurous child. She was the one dragging me away from my books to come and play. I had taken an early interest in history, and so we'd recreate the adventures of the heroes of old. She had been born with an odd birthmark on the back of her hand, and was waiting for the day some latent magical power would awaken within her, when she would leave home and make a name for herself. As it turned out, that was not to be. I watched helplessly as she was dragged away by some sort of creature the day after her fifteenth birthday. The mark wasn't a sign of latent magic; it was the mark of a centuries-old debt an ancestor of our family owed to this being. She had been collected as "payment."

My parents were distraught. I retreated into my studies, became more distant, and eventually left home. I probably should have been there for them, but I had retreated into my grief, pressing it below the surface and refusing to let it show. I enrolled in the Lepidstadt University and launched into my studies with vigor, but it wasn't enough to push Catherine's memory out of my mind--I felt I should do something, anything I could, to bring her back--or at least find out what had happened and put her to rest. Professor Lorrimor took notice of me and my line of investigation, and eventually I opened up and told him what had happened. He was supportive, helping narrow down theories as to what might have taken her and even bringing me along on a couple of his expeditions--I learned to make practical use of the alchemical skills I'd learned at University, and became pretty good at avoiding and disabling traps. I realized I'd become the adventurer she always wanted to be--the realization was bitter, but I embraced the new persona.

Now, a few years after I graduated and have been off on my own, Professor Lorrimor has died. I returned home to Usalav, wondering if the old professor had any last bit of wisdom to pass down, or at least to honor his memory--it was the least I could do for the man who set me on the path to actually do something about Catherine's disappearance.

Note: I have a non-functional pistol in my inventory. The Steel Hound archetype gives a battered firearm like the Gunslinger, but at 2nd level. I'm choosing to fluff that as being a old family pistol which doesn't work that he's been tinkering with. At 2nd level he'll get it back in working order and that will be the "free" firearm he gets. Until then it'll sit in his backpack.