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These days? I know everyone loves rose-tinting the past, but I'm afraid this is an issue as old as awards themselves. Citizen Kane did not win Best Motion Picture (it lost to How Green was my Valley, so fair enough, but still). Goodfellas was beaten by Rain Man. Whoopie Goldberg didn't win for the Colour Purple. Stanley Kubrick never won an Academy Award. Alfred Hitchcock was never even nominated for one.

The Beatles' Abbey Road lost to Blood, Sweat & Tears.

They say that the only list of films more prestigious than the ones that have won the Palme d'Or at Cannes, is the lost of those that did not win.

I mean, Sophocles didn't even win best play the year he premiered Oedipus Rex in 429 BC.

These days, as all the days "deserve' is a very, very subjective quality. And deciding 'deserving' based on voting is even more so.
All of these movies are great but still there always going to be favouritism in the Oscars.