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    Rosa's mouth silently moves as she tries visibly hesitates between possible retorts. Her lips finally press in a thin nonplussed line. She turns on her heels, looking for the nearest temple acolyte. She grabs the acolyte by the arm, shaking him a bit, pointing at Borgrim's bloody hand, in feigned panic, hoping the acolyte won't think too much about it. "We need Father Furtha, it's an emergency, the bleeding won't stop, where's the Father? We need him! Take us to him now! Fast!"

    Spoiler: OOC
    Rolling with it... Deception - (1d20+2)[4]. Borgrim could probably assist by crying or mewling in some way

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    'Jernau Gurgeh', the machine said, making a sighing noise, 'a guilty system recognises no innocents. The very way you think places you amongst its enemies. Prevarication will be more difficult than you might imagine; neutrality is probably impossible. You cannot choose not to have the politics you do; they are not some separate set of entities somehow detachable from the rest of your being; they are a function of your existence. I know that and they know that; you had better accept it.'