Borgrim refuses to fuss over minor details like opens wounds and bleeding - in combat, and even more so for deception. Instead, he holds up his bloody hand, scarlet running down his forearm to drip on the floor, and assures the acolyte: Oh, don't worry, it's not bad .. I'm sure bandages will suffice.

*drip, drip*

I'm sure there's nothing sensitive in there - ligaments or tendons or any of those things. It's just a hand, how bad could it be? But .. well, maybe, just in case, we should ask the Father. He's the pre-eminent healer around here, right?

Spoiler: OOC

It's a subtle art: Possibly, the acolyte has a bit of healing him- or herself. But we don't want that, so we'd better create as much confusion as possible.