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I am a little less enthusiastic about that for a warlock. Due to the fewer spell slots (compared to a wizard), I would really like to try and keep danse macabre as long as possible between short rests (ideally keep it for every fight from when I cast it and till I get a short rest). Which means that I want to keep it going as close to full strength as possible. So not losing minions helps a lot here. Part of why I was thinking of inspiring leader. Sending them into melee should only be something I would do if there is great need, ideally.
Well, yeah, it's better if you don't lose them, but if it was me, losing them to single target attacks is fine, they are absorbing hits, you have 2 slots every short rest (soon to be 3 if you keep going Lock), even if you have 2 encounters between short rests, and they all die in the first one you could still have 5 minions up for the second one.

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Hmm, not sure if I would want to send minions into melee (the most adventurous idea I can have right now is two armored zombies and 3 skeletons). Though, to be fair, if going goo, I would definitely want it. One of the occasions where I might have all the minions go into melee would be if enemies engaged me, so I guess dissonant whispers followed by a ton of OA's could be a better use of a slot than sth like misty step or dimension door. Not sure if I would go goo though just for that, though definitely something to think more about (especially if I have allies with strong OA's).
I haven't really thought about a melee strat, when thinking about which archtype would be the best, GOO's DW jumped to mind, I'll try to think of a good one, at the baseline, I think Skeletons could dual wield since they have shortsword proficiency, and RAW can't wield shields effectively since they don't have them in their stat block, will try to build from there I guess.

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I can't see why magic stone would not work with danse macabre. This is good. Adds some incentive to keeping the skeletons in range (at least 3 skeletons). Which works well with how I'd like to use danse macabre. And magic stone is already on the warlock's list. This is good!

I noticed a mistake I made when writting the formula, I put to hit = Dex + Cha, when I should have written Prof + Cha, however i'm in doubt now, are they proficient in a ranged spell attack? If i hand a magic stone to a fighter party member, does he get to add proficiency when he throws it?

Even if they don't get to add proficiency its still a superb combo, since it would still mean +10 to hit, 1d6+10 damage.