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    The young acolyte nearly leaps out of his robe as Borgrim's heavy, non-sliced hand lands with a *thump* on the youth's shoulder. He spins around and stares for a moment at the bloodied hand thrust toward his face, mouth agape.

    "Uh-uh-uh, y-yes sir, r-right this way!" The youth stammers, eyes wide. He hesitates for a moment, clearly in a bit of a panic, and then leads the three at a jog to another small, solid door to the south of the Statue of At'ar, on the western wall. The youth waves the trio through into a marble tiled hallway, and raps frantically at the second door on the left. There is a creaking and rustling from within, and then the voice of Furtha the priest can be heard:

    "By the Goddess, what is it?" The door swings open. "Speak, boy!" Furtha then notices Borgrim, Rosa, and CÚsar, and a look of genuine surprise crosses his face.

    "H-he's b-bleeding bad, father!" The youth flails an arm about indicating Borgrim's bloodied hand.

    "Ah! What's happened? Come in, come in! Forum, fetch water at once, and be quick about it!" The youth sprints off down the hall, the slap of his sandalled feet loud and echoing. Furtha waves the three into a what looks like a study, with papers and books littered across a large desk, and two walls filled with more. The priest bustles over to a small cabinet, where he retrieves cloth and a wash basin. He motions to Borgrim to extend his arm, and the priest dabs at it with care. "Now, let's see how bad this is. Ah, quite deep, no wonder there's such a quantity of blood." As Furtha continues to mop up the blood, he glances up and raises an eyebrow.

    "And how exactly did you manage to sustain such an injury, hmm?" A moment later the youth returns with a water jug, which he pours into the basin. Furtha shoos him away. "Off you go, back to your duties."
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