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    Default Re: Warlock Hexblade at lvl5, HEX is still a good option?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rukelnikov View Post
    Well, yeah, it's better if you don't lose them, but if it was me, losing them to single target attacks is fine, they are absorbing hits, you have 2 slots every short rest (soon to be 3 if you keep going Lock), even if you have 2 encounters between short rests, and they all die in the first one you could still have 5 minions up for the second one.
    That's true. Here is my worry though. If I am using danse macabre, I am pre casting. It needs preparation anyway, and the duration thankfully allows for it. Now, since what it offers is dpr, it's a spell that will be relevant almost always, so there is not much to worry about on that front. However, there will be fights where I would be better off using something else with my concentration, like a hypnotic pattern or a banishment, or maybe a hold person. Instead, I will be going with danse macabre cause as I said above the plan is to have it running before combat. Now, I lose some useful versatility doing that. What makes me think it's worth it though, is the fact that danse macabre will allow me to use more spell slots on other things, thanks to its duration (assuming more than 1 encounter between rests). And there are some useful things to do with these spell slots. Non-concentration stuff of course, like synaptic static, or counterspell (which could help against spell AoE's that can hurt us) or depending on archetype, command, plant growth, armor of agathys, etc. But in order to do that, I have to keep danse macabre in good shape. Of course, whenever it's just 1 encounter between short rests, this has not much value. But when it's only 1 encounter between short rests, my warlock will be playing close to full strength anyway, so there's not a problem. That does not mean that I wont be able to profit from having the minions go into melee and thus profit more from their increased damage (twf in the case of skeletons) and from them absorbing some hits. I'll do that in emergencies or when I am relatively certain that there is a short rest afterwards.

    In short, committing that hard to a single concentration spell (even if it's generally applicable enough and a generally good spell; and even if I am not really dazzled by what other concentration options the warlock gets), seems like a drawback to me. And the thing that makes up for it and makes it even worth it imo, is the long duration and how that solves the limited spell slots problem. Of course, this is half the solution. The other half is to optimize my use of slots with no concentration spells.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rukelnikov View Post
    I haven't really thought about a melee strat, when thinking about which archtype would be the best, GOO's DW jumped to mind, I'll try to think of a good one, at the baseline, I think Skeletons could dual wield since they have shortsword proficiency, and RAW can't wield shields effectively since they don't have them in their stat block, will try to build from there I guess.
    Interested in hearing what you come up with.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rukelnikov View Post

    I noticed a mistake I made when writting the formula, I put to hit = Dex + Cha, when I should have written Prof + Cha, however i'm in doubt now, are they proficient in a ranged spell attack? If i hand a magic stone to a fighter party member, does he get to add proficiency when he throws it?

    Even if they don't get to add proficiency its still a superb combo, since it would still mean +10 to hit, 1d6+10 damage.
    Good catch (about it being a spell attack). I'll ask in the RAW thread. Even then, it's still a bonus (definitely a bonus once your charisma mod is at +4 or higher). I am thinking if there is an easy and elegant way to keep it going during combat. Or even if it's possible. I am guessing it's an object interaction for the skeletons to take the pebbles from us. Though that would require staying at range and close to 3 skeletons, which is not really helping if we want to spread them out. Maybe we could use the familiar for fetch and carry. That allows us to be in melee should we wanted to (assuming a hexblade), though it probably does take away some actions from the familiar and probably restricts positioning somewhat. Maybe an unseen servant is the answer here. How did your friend go about this?
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