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    Furtha dabs away with a wet cloth at Borgrim's hand and takes a closer look at the wound once it's clean. He pauses to squint up at Borgrim as the half-orc explains how the injury came about. Then he rolls his eyes and shrugs. {Deception:Brogrim is successful}

    "I think At'ar will see this as punishment enough for your foolishness, young Borgrim. You really did manage to get quite a deep cut... but worry not, I shall have it mended in a moment."

    Furtha places the bloodies cloth on the edge of the basin. He takes Borgrims injured hand in both of his and bows his head. "Boed i'r clwyf hwn gael ei wneud yn gyfan!" the priest chants. Borgrim feels a warmth spread up his arm as the words are spoken, and a tingling sensation in his palm continues for several moments. Furtha clasps the hand firmly, then smiles at Borgrim and releases it. The cut is completely closed up, with only a faint line of reddened skin to mark where it was.

    "There we are, good as new! You might have a slight soreness in your palm for a day or two, but that should clear. I do think you should be rather more careful with your jests, however. It can be easy to get carried away and take them too far. Now, was there anything else? I trust you found Petra, and she was informative, I hope?"

    Spoiler: OOC

    I used Borgrim's previous roll of 20 for the deception vs insight check, since I gave Rosa advantage earlier. Furtha's roll (ignore spoiler) is Here.

    I have to say I got a good chuckle when Borgrim first decided just to cut himself open
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