[Gem Mountain - North]

Between the dismembering and the extinguishing, several things don't happen. The explosion doesn't occur. The two remaining elemental-zombies don't have any fight left in them. They don't breathe fire or burst or whatever else they were planning on doing; their (un?)life is cut short. And, possibly out of fear for being destroyed, none of the remaining warm corpses (that are still down the hallway) move. Now there are no elementals/zombies left standing to face the fearsome adventurers.

I'm sure they all are very grateful for Rein's schooling that they're supposed to be cold. Unfortunately, they don't respond to his witty banter. And I guess it's fortunate that nothing else decides to take advantage of the now-melted ray-gun. The two adventurers now have some relative peace so they can calm down from all the adrenaline and discuss what to do next.

All that's left of the elementals is a pile of cooled slag that's a mix between fire extinguisher gunk and the semi-liquid flammable remains of the elementals. If they choose to touch it, I'll bet it feels incredibly gross. Like, 'why am I even touching this' gross. Of course, if they can stomach doing that, they'll be rewarded with their efforts: they'll find a small, warm glowing-like-embers heat stone in each of the piles. Once they're washed off, I guess they'll be useful for keeping warm during the winter or for a light in case their flashlights somehow run out of batteries. To be honest, unless someone's got gloves or a stick to sift through it, they're probably not worth the icky sensation you'll get by touching the gunk.