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I'd argue this; inventing fake brands works perfectly well to suit these purposes. See Tarantino's Red Apple cigarettes or Big Kahuna burgers.
One of the purposes to making a movie is to make money. Inventing fake brands doesn't suit that purpose. Besides, showing me that a character drives a Greenhilt doesn't tell me anything about him Showing him driving a BMW does.

I actually like commercials. I like having companies help pay for my entertainment.

I particularly like the companies that track my preferences and tailor their ads to me. I've found out about new books from favorite authors, and new items I want to buy, because Amazon puts ads (recommendations) based on what I've bought in the past. This means fewer ads for products that don't interest me.

Recently, I saw the ad for the next Order of the Stick book on this site, and have already pre-ordered it. Hooray for that commercial!