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Distant Worlds: Universe
I was going to mention this one as well. It letís me do a lot more of the zoom in and watch my ships buzz around that sins has. Itís got a lot of other stuff going on with it of course, what with ship design, some basic ground combat, and more diplo/espionage options, but it scratches that same immersive itch for me thatís Sins did.

That said, you kinda need to watch a tutorial or letís play on Distant Worlds: Universe as a lot of it isnít all that intuitive. The UI is also rather atrocious, although somewhat mitigated by mods, and itís graphics/sounds in general feel underwhelming. That said, the process of slowly expanding, designing your ships and orbital bases, dealing with other empires or pirate groups is quite fun and immersive once you devote the time to figuring the game out and jumping in.