[Mountain Slopes]

Damon stares blankly at Ilpholin for a moment. Was it not obvious he had not succeeded yet?

Well in fairness, she doesn't know all the details.

"I have to find it again firsst. The creature fussed itsssself with a temple, actss asss if it iss sssome manner of deity. It iss not eassy to kill a living temple." there's a definite hesitancy, and more than a hint of self-doubt to Damon's words. "Sssure, the King hass paid me well for my sservicess-" Damon twirls an axe in his hand, the blade bright and shimmering, "Moonlight, apparently. And it hass been sshaped, given purposse. It hass been made to kill that creature. But, I-" Damon sighs and tucks the axe back into his belt, hiding it amidst the flames that cover him once more. "I guesss that sshowss how well the demon got to me. I ssstill doubt mysself."