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I read a newspaper article some time ago about bus drivers who did the exact same thing. Shorts were not allowed, but skirts were (that was intended only for female drivers, but it was never specified as such), so they wore skirts to work. I can understand that, as in a bus without airco and a lot of glass it can get quite hot in summer.
Every June/July, regular as clockwork, the British press has a story about a boy wearing a skirt to school in protest at not being allowed shorts. I'm beginning to think journalists have a special "boy in a skirt" hotline.

Anyway, back to the original topic, I'm reminded of the lab safety document I was given in undergrad:

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10) Alert a technician or demonstrator to any spills.
11) Students must not:
Smoke in the lab.
Eat or drink in the lab.
Bring bags into the lab.
12) Wear appropriate safety gear (see apendix A) at all times.
13) Perform all reactions likely to generate gases in a fume cupboard.
Cue everybody removing their safety goggles for a second at the beginning of each lab so that they wouldn't be wearing appropriate safety gear at all times, since that would be against the rules.