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Thread: Commercials: Like It Or Hate It?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aotrs Commander View Post
    But then you're breaking versimilitude from modern Earth, since, like it or not, brands ARE that deeply integrated into culture.
    In the same movie as the Big Kahuna Burger and Red Apple Cigarettes people talk about the Quarter Pounder. It seems to me he seems fine with acknowledging the existence if brands without advertising them by showcasing logos, for example.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jay R View Post
    Only if other people are in the scene, and visibly reacting. If somebody drives up in a Honda, to a street where every other car is a BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus, then the audience has been given some information before any person has been shown onscreen.

    When a character walks into a bar, the beers people are drinking are often used to indicate the socio-economic status of the bar, with nobody reacting to them at all -- because they see it every week.

    What we know about products, and who uses them, is often used to set a mood without any audience reaction at all.
    8f that's used to say something about a character, sure. If it's thrown in without consideration for how reality is, or thrown in because a company paid for it? That argument goes out the window. James Bond driving a Ford doesn't say anything about his character or sudden MI6 budget constraints, but rather that Ford dropped some cash.
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