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Was it Lucas himself though who retconned it? Because while Lucasfilm gets a lot of grief from wiping the canon, it honestly benefitted the universe more than hindered it, at least in my opinion (once again, new fan, lacking some perspective here). If it was some random novel or comic that originally named the species, it's not really a retcon. Well, it is, but prior to the new canon, Lucas > everything else, so it's not exactly on the same level. But if he contradicted himself, that's a whole different matter.

I think I just confused myself.
Long story short, Disney wouldn't buy LucasFilm (and sanitize canon) for another few years after Trespass aired; before which, StarWars.com listed Baron Papanoida as Wroonian. More generally, the Holocron existed to track details of canonicity under the old canon hierarchy across...everything, pretty much; it's exceedingly unlikely a licensed novel/comic could have established a detail about Lucas' only on-screen appearance without Lucas knowing about it, and Lucas was certainly in a position to veto it.