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I must sincerely but respectfully disagree. Honestly of the entire main cast there were exactly two members I did not find annoying. They had Thrawn the best Star Wars villain of all time basically do nothing for seasons on end. One episode had him let the heroes go after maneuvering them into positions of certain death TWICE! And they retroactively made one of the few unambiguously great moments in the show worse by “fixing” it so that a beautifully killed off character got cheaply resurrected.

Alright this thread isn’t about Rebels. Feel free to respond of course, but I won’t be derailing the thread further.
Put me down in the 'Rebels is awesome' category. Also:

Spoiler: Ahsoka
I disagree that her resurrection was cheap, or was some sort of retcon. I've been rewatching Rebels with my parents, and I've noticed all the amazing tiny hints I didn't spot the first time. It's not that she died, and then they 'brought her back'; it was clearly a part of the show's plan. It's foreshadowed. It's logical. It's beautiful. Now, I'm quite passionate about this subject and could write an entire essay on how genius that decision was, but like you said, this thread isn't about Rebels, and it's gotten derailed enough already.