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I dunno, The Killing Joke was all about explaining the Joker's insanity and worldview, wasn't it?

At this point I think the Joker, like Batman, Superman, etc are just too big to be limited by what they're "supposed" to be. The Joker started off as a creepy gangster and evolved into existential terrorist, I don't think either of those is necessarily the "right" portrayal (which is why I'm one of like three people in the world who like Jared Leto's Joker).
But the thing about the killing joke is, its contradicted by a half dozen other joker stories into his past, which is the point. DC writers have taken what should be a massive continuity log jam and turned it into an intriguing bit of character development for the joker. His past is so mysterious and contradictory, we dont know which, if indeed any, stories are real. Also, I enjoyed letos joker. It wasnt a masterpiece or anything, but it wasnt that bad. Basically how I reacted to the entire movie really.