By the time the Sins have arrived at the site of the previous day's battle, Xiren has stopped scribbling. She tears off a sheet of paper and presents it to the Director, for his approval, unable to contain just a bit of pride.

"Let me know if it's too much. I know it's a little... dramatic."

Spoiler: Why We Fight

The seven PILOTS stand in a line, their backs turned to the camera, surveying the fallen ELDER. A wide shot slow-pans from left to right, intercut with close-ups of the PILOTS’ faces as they speak, upturned and well lit. Suitably dramatic orchestral music in the background.

CARMEN: For the people I can still save.

RYALL: For the people who saved me.

GABRIEL: For the people who depend on me.

LIZA: To take back our future.

TAKEO: To avenge the past.

XIREN: To safeguard the present.

Final shot of the PILOTS, this time from the front, panning out and away. Slow fade to the Babylon logo, with a slogan beneath: “We Fight For You”.