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    Default Re: LGBTAI+ #59: Will You Take This Woman To Be Your Galpal?

    Quote Originally Posted by ve4grm View Post
    Heck, for just one chapter, you could just avoid using pronouns altogether! Make it gradually more awkward and obvious that you're avoiding it, until you come out with that proper pronoun at the end of the chapter.

    I mean, I won't say that's good writing practice, but it might be amusing to see.
    Quote Originally Posted by LaZodiac View Post
    I think I could get away with that. I'll try it out once November comes around.

    Spoiler: Spoilers for the 41-year-old Thieves' World book
    The original Thieves' World book had a short story in which the main character was a woman, disguised as a man - but the narrator just never used pronouns for her until the very last sentence. You didn't notice because the other characters call Lythande "he / him" in a few places, so the fact that the narrator doesn't use pronouns doesn't stand out.

    At least, I didn't notice until the very last sentence, even though the entire story revolves around her having a secret and people trying to figure out what the secret is. Of course, I was lot younger back then...
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