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    When everyone is ushered into the room, Rosa stays behind, next to the door. After Furtha shoos the acolyte away, Rosa waits a little more. While Furtha is busy with Borgrim, she bolts the door close, dryly, trying to produce a dramatic noise. She clears her throat, then turns to Furtha with a mirthless, even predatory, smile.

    "I would advise against screaming. Let's have a nice little chat, and we'll be on our way. Good you stopped poor Borgrim's bleeding, because, well, you know, blood is a dangerous thing to play with, priest.." Rosa's smiles widens, this time with little smugness at managing to place the quotation. "You'd better start talking about your nightly activities. I don't think that's the kind of thing bigwigs in the church would approve of."

    Rosa turns to Faust: "Do you know if the church of At'ar employ inquisitors? I'm pretty sure they'd be less friendly than us."

    Spoiler: OOC
    That should put the fear of god PC in the clergyman: Intimidation - (1d20+2)[14]. I believe I should get advantage, here: Advantage - (1d20+2)[17]. There's some ambiguity whether we somehow learnt about his botched summoning, or that we're sent by whatever he managed to summon, ambiguity that should not be so reassuring.
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