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Thread: The Rise of Ants 2: The Jungle!

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    Turn 33: Battling Plants

    -Research Power
    -Research Skill
    -Figure out where the bioluminescence genes are
    -Figure out what to do with a tame centipede
    -Random Life experiments on plants

    Antimony works on her secret project.

    Theoanta tries to set up a system to cross the stream on plant boats attached to a rope, but doesnít get very far due to the lack of a way to make them travel in any direction but downstream. More work on the ďwinchĒ idea would probably help.

    Antitan connects to the Great Tree to talk to Croverus.
    What do you think is the biggest danger to yourself?
    I donít think about danger very much. There isnít too much in the world that can hurt a tree. That said, Iíd say the biggest danger is you getting into a war. Who knows what kind of magic would be thrown around in a war between two powerful colonies?
    I see how that would be scary. On another note, what do you think of treehoppers?
    I donít mind them.
    Even though they drink from you?
    Itís what they do. I donít think I can fault them for doing what theyíre supposed to do.

    After some experimentation, Lanti decides that wherever magic comes from, it isnít your genes.

    Zektak creates some abstract plant art. He has Croverus convert one of the rooms into an art gallery.

    JoJoAnt gathers a number of ant workers and soldiers and runs a tournament in his coliseum. During one of the fights, a worker is fighting a larger soldier, and losing badly. As the soldier goes in for the final blow, she braces herself to lose - but the impact never comes, because one of the plants that makes up the seating has suddenly grown a spike and impaled the soldier. (Remember, you can regenerate.) After some investigation, it turns out that the ants in the stands who were on her side had been trying to help her, and that this spike had been much smaller a few moments before. JoJoAnt has some ants run this discovery down to the plant experiments (see the Hive Actions) and continues the tournament.
    After a few more rounds, JoJoAnt faces a soldier in combat, which isnít really a contest - JoJoAnt has the strength of three ants and a number of powerful hero abilities on his side. After the final round, most of the participating ants just sit in the stands for a while to regenerate.

    Fiona travels to the hive of brown ants that she spoke to once before. As she approaches, she realizes that they were expecting her and have set up a bit of a greeting at the entrance.
    "Hello, ant from the north! Welcome to the colony of Heitara!"
    "Hello... how did you know I was coming?"
    "Oh, we keep track of you. We keep track of everyone. It's kind of what we do here."
    As you talk, it becomes apparent that Heitara has developed advanced skills in writing and mathematics, and does the record-keeping, accounting, and brokering for most of the other hives over here. They also keep vast, detailed records for themselves, in which they track almost everything that happens. Surprisingly, they already have a little bit of information about Vannethia, and have already deduced from your green carapace that you have at least some Life magic. It's a little creepy, honestly.

    Research Power
    Success! Power +4

    Research Skill

    Figure out where the bioluminescence genes are
    You find and isolate the particular genes. You can now transfer them into whatever you like.
    Also, mushroom cells are really weird. They look sort of like plant cells, and sort of like animal cells.

    Figure out what to do with a tame centipede
    You donít really figure anything out. Most of your ideas either can be done by treehoppers, or require more than one centipede.

    Random Life experiments on plants
    After a few inconsequential experiments, you hear of what happened in JoJoAntís tournament and work on developing this new ability. This results in the development of Combat Growth, an ability that lets a group of ants or a hero grow a plant to a shape almost instantly as long as the hive has already discovered how to make this shape of plant.

    The Food Force brings in the 12 food from the garden and the 1 from the treehoppers, and brings in 14 more food from the surrounding undergrowth.

    The Power Research Force gives you +2 Power.

    The Skill Research Force gives you +3 Skill.

    The Food Storage Force increases the capacity to 185 food.

    Message from Klaffet:
    We donít really need any help with technology, but we are interested in your Life magic - specifically, your food. Our gathering and hunting has been failing to keep up with our growing hive recently, and we would very much appreciate some aid. In exchange, we can offer you weapons, or any of our powerful Air, Motion, or Sound magic. If you want specifics, itís Air full, Motion full, and Sound moderate.

    ÖYou wonder what ďfullĒ means. Do they mean ďfinal?Ē

    14 Food consumed
    +6 Size from Growth
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