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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptin Keen View Post
    Petra was most helpful. I would give her the day off from her menial duties, she was really helpful. Oh, and .. should she come up with any further details, we'll be at the Dagger inn. We would have stayed at the Flowers and Butterflies inn, but we do have a reputation to uphold, right?
    Furtha begins tidying up, setting the blood soak cloth aside and moving the basin to a sideboard. He smiles and answers: "Well, I'll see what I can do, but we are rather busy with preparations for the festival, as I'm sure you know. I'll keep it in mind, of course!" Furtha glances toward the door when Rosa closes it with a sharp *clack*, but otherwise pays her no mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingTheShade View Post
    "I would advise against screaming. Let's have a nice little chat, and we'll be on our way. Good you stopped poor Borgrim's bleeding, because, well, you know, blood is a dangerous thing to play with, priest.." Rosa's smiles widens, this time with little smugness at managing to place the quotation. "You'd better start talking about your nightly activities. I don't think that's the kind of thing bigwigs in the church would approve of."
    {Intimidate: Success} Furtha turns back toward Rosa after placing down the basin. The smile on his face quickly fades, along with the colour in his cheeks. His pupils dilate and perspiration begins to bead on his brow. The priest casts quick, panicked glances at Borgrim and CÚsar, but finds no succour. Defeated, he places a shaking hand on the desk to steady himself as he sinks into his chair. His peers up at Rosa, taking in her unique appearance, as if seeing her properly for the first time.

    "Ha. Apt, I suppose. Now, I-I-I don't think there's any need to involve anyone else, d-don't you agree? I'll cooperate, of course, of course." Furtha lets out a small, pained sigh, then continues. "As your master has no doubt surmised, I have been, ah, offering my services as a conjurer and binder for certain... clients. There's quite a demand for it in the city, you know. So I call upon spirits of various sorts, and bind them into objects."

    "Mostly I use rough-cut gems -- garnets and other semi-precious stones are best-- but occasionally I have requests for specific items. I conduct a ritual, which the Hall here helps to, ah, amplify, and I trap the spirit in the object. Then I have an intermediary deliver it to the client to use for... whatever use they have. The blood is a little harder to procure. Oh! But I assure you I don't hurt anyone to get it!" Furtha looks worriedly at Rosa, and then to Borgrim and CÚsar.

    "Your master wants in on the trade, is that it?" Furtha continues, looking down at his hands and mumbling to himself: "More wards, should have been tidier, look what you've got yourself into!" Furtha looks up. "Ah, my apologies! What other specifics did you need to know? Of course, perhaps you could see clear to keeping this to yourselves, yes? If my clients caught wind of this, well, things would be very bad for me, I'm certain..."

    Spoiler: OOC

    Faust/CÚsar would know that the church of At'ar in Port Blacksand doesn't employ an inquisition. However, they still have their own convoyers (guards/escorts) and the other priests/bishops and arch-bishop would be more than willing to take action against a suspected heretic or desecrator. And in such a case they would prefer to dole out their own justice, rather than handing the suspect over to the city.
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