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In general, I sense that dicotomy in all the answers. those that see nothing strange in the thing are more or less implicitly assuming that DMing is an entertainment performance provided to the players, while those that have hang-ups are all referencing the concept of a group of friends playing a game together.
For me personally, the concept of roleplaying games includes a group of friends playing a game together. However, I have no problem imagining that it can be something else for other people. In general, those with hang-ups are the people who can't see past their own nose and what roleplaying means to themselves

well, it is assumed among my groups that the DM has some privileges. I've been getting free dinners from my first group. In the second group, where I am a player, I regularly give the DM a car lift.
those kind of small things that say "we acknowledge that you are putting in more time for us, and we compensate by similar other little things"
I was thinking more about people who are members of actual roleplaying clubs, where there's a big pool of both players and GMs, and someone organizing it all together.