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    Default Re: How strong would be a modern soldier in a fantasy setting?

    I read a lot of people are quoting d&d modern, I think these are rules balanced to represent modern battles, not modern vs fantasy battles.
    Pathfinder, for example, has firearms rules, in that ruleset a 1600 age mosquete neglets any kind of armor (even magical ones) at 30 ft.
    I didn't ask for a simulation, I'm just trying figuring out in a narrative perspective how much dungerous a modern soldier would be if placed in a fantasy world.
    I agree with the CR 5-6 guess, i think 4 level 5 PCs would be evenly matched with 4 marine soldiers, if magic is used in a smart way
    Level 7-8 would be overkill on the fantasy part, IMHO, spells like improved invisibility and dimension door would easily dispatch the modern group.
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