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    The door to the next room is made of a bright wood and actually has a small vine growing through it. Upon opening the door, you can see what looks to be a larger copy of the first room, though it has holes in the floor in random places. They aren't holes straight down; it looks more like a network of burrows, since they have entrances that are almost horizontal and then the tunnels turn perpendicular to the entrances.
    Also, the room has no torches, but is just as dimly lit as the last room. All of you have concealment versus attacks made without Low-Light vision or darkvision. Same applies to enemies, though. If you receive concealment from a power or feature like Shadow Walk, you get total concealment from that ability instead in this magic candlelight.
    If you have a way to get rid of zones, like dispel magic, you can attempt a check related to that keyword (arcana for arcane powers, nature for primal, religion for divine, and your choice of dungeoneering or arcana for psionic) to remove a portion of the dim light without expending that power.
    Briespen sees three of the holes in the ground have creatures sitting in them as if on lookout. One is a black kobold with horns and a thick tail. Another is a white kobold with huge claws and saber teeth. Both of those wear plate armor, but only the black one wears a shield and wields a scimitar. The last creature appears to have the upper half of a green kobold and the lower half of a scaly lion, with a snake's tail and long, thin fins on each of its joints. It wears a harness made of metal pieces held together with straps of cloth, and a fullblade rests across its forelegs. Only its rump fits in the hole.
    Spoiler: OoC

    I need a stealth check from each member of the party other than Briespen, who already rolled. Briespen's and Chereth's success or failure will be doubled, as they are the scouts on point. Therefore, you already have 2 successes.
    If you all score at least 4 successes together, you will get a surprise round and can attempt to bypass these creatures with bluff (to misdirect them) or stealth (to sneak past), or try the risky move (higher DC) and put blades to their necks for intimidate.
    If you do not get at least 4 successes, this fight will be unavoidable and you get no surprise.
    If you get 4 or more failures, this fight will get a lot harder.
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