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I'd love to see the math for your damage calculations. Not disagreeing, it's just that you didn't provide any detail, and I'm apparently missing the connection.

Also, the 6 second round isn't necessarily 6 seconds worth of attack for every character. It's 6 seconds for all the participants, but considering it takes a fighter(level 1 to 5 anyway, while his BAB is <6.) one round to do one attack with a sword, it's safe to say our soldier isn't just pumping out full automatic fire for 6 full seconds.

Never mind that the magazine would run out in 2 or 3 seconds(800 rounds per minute=13.3 rounds per second, and the mag is typically 30 rounds), and the gun's gas tube(the tube that routes some of the expanding gas from firing a round, using the energy to cycle the bolt and reload for the next shot) would probably melt after around 200 or so rounds on full auto without a break, assuming you somehow had a magazine that large.

Much safer to assume 3 or 4 three round bursts, which is a more standard use for an M16 anyway. It's a rifle, not a machine gun. Now if our soldier was carrying an M249, things would be quite different(but even then, despite a nominal 650-850 round per minute firing rate, the 'sustained' rate of fire is stated at more like 50 rounds per minute without overheating)
Mind you, I'm no mathematics expert... But...

Granite has a compressive strength of 172 lbs a cubic foot. This is it's ability to resist being compressed, like when a bullet hits it. At 172 lbf it will start to break. Anything less does little to no damage.

.50 BMG hits with around 13,310 lbf. Overcoming that Compressive strength 77 times over.

Stone, in 3.5 has a hardness of 8 and 15 Hp per inch of thickness. For a total of 180 hp per cubic foot. Multiply that by 77 then add the hardness.