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    The Lab itself is full of beakers and instruments humming along in a low cacophony and some of you explore the lab

    Spoiler: Sightings
    Spoiler: Med Edu.
    You see a few pokemon eggs in an incubator, several spotted and or patterned in some way. There are electrodes on a select few of them and seem to be monitoring something called a S.V.

    Spoiler: Tech Edu
    You see several suits hung up further into the lab in various colors and an enclosure with a Pichu. The rodent discharges against the fabric of the suit and you see the energy coruscating across.
    Spoiler: Perception
    There are several pictures of The Professor with a woman and young girl adorning his desk.

    "DAD. DAD! I DID IT! I GOT THE INTERSHIP! I got..." A young woman shouts, entering the room to realize her father was not the immediate audience. "Oops... Sorry everyone. I'm looking for my Dad."

    "Back Here Pheebs, Be up there in a second!" He says. "Congrat--ulations, sweetie. I'm sure you'll learn a--ton with Alli." He says carrying a MASSIVE chest and setting it down with a solid 'thud'. "Whew, I swear it gets heavier every year. Guys this is my daughter, Phoebe. She's a Junior over at Illligo Polytechical University and just got a herself a fancy intership. We'll tell you mother tonight and all go out to celebrate."

    "Thanks Dad! You're the best!" She says hugging him then makes a call on her cell phone and heads back out. "Hey Kai, I GOT THE INTERNSHIP AHHHHHHHHH!"

    "You might be getting soft in your old age." Shiva jeers, Wearing a Bodysuit "Not like you to boast about anything."

    "You might be getting soft, too. I remember that uniform fitting a bit less snug last year."

    "You Tryna' die, Pops?"

    "Now now. Its all in fun." He says chuckling. "We should get this all underway before I have to stave her off. In that steel monstrosity lies the beginnings to you being a full-Fledged Battler. First, You'll be given a PDA. It can be used to help locate Pokemon based on the current biome you're in. It also holds your Player card. This will be used to show your current ranks to other Battlers. Right now, you'll all be Ranked #399 until the Rating game to take place in a month. But Before then you'll need to fill out your Rosters and Train so today you'll be the spending the next Day or so in-"

    "Watersmeet Forest." Shiva interjects. "You'll begin assembling a competitive roster. You're injured Pokemon should be ready soon. Head back to the Lobby, collect your-- stuff. Grab some Pokéballs from the Mart and head over to Quest,We'll ride from QPC and should we should get there ASAP. We'll be camping tomorrow. and You should have a bit of Poken on your PDA we'll get you all started as soon as you're all ready to move out."

    Prof Sequoia Opens the Giant steel chest to unveil a dozen strongboxes that fit neatly into it. He hefts one out and hands it too you. The box easily weighs 30 pounds and feels like its filled with concrete but opening it Reveals a PDA and a 3 Premier Balls. The PDA Feel like it made up half the weight as you removed it. you see it is attached to an armband that can "easily" adjust.

    Spoiler: OOC: PDA
    You may Perform a Tech Edu. Roll to uncover functions of the PDA or find information therein. You can ask for help from one of your teammates to assist you in finding information they have found.
    Spoiler: Tech Edu Roll: 3+
    Staring at the face of the PDA, It hums to life with a little synthesized welcome that brings you to a Desktop screen with a few application icons on it
    Spoiler: Tech Edu Roll: 8+
    You are able to check settings for weather, find the application that tracks you Poken(Current amount: 12,000) and when its been spent, the PokéDex, flashlight and other auxillary applications
    Spoiler: Tech Edu Roll: 13+
    You're able to find the security Settings to scan both fingerprints and retinas to ensure purchases from your PDA are only made by you. You also find the app containing your Player Card information and a mode you can turn on to find any other people with Player Card info.

    "The camera on the front of the PDA that will allow you to make purchases with a simple swipe at any mart but it will not immediately update you on the remaining balance of it. So be mindful of that." The professor calls out once everyone has collected theirs. "Have fun and be safe out there in the woods. There have been several sighting of Ursaring in the area which is a little unusual."

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