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    Default The Chaos of Ages Campaign Journal (On Going)

    Hi everyone! I hope this is the right spot to be posting this. My group has been playing for awhile now and I wanted to share the adventures with you all!

    Spoiler: Characters
    The party is made up of seven players, though most nights only five or six are able to play. They all began their adventure at level one. It is important to note that none of the players know each other's backstories. Their characters are as follows:

    Shamash Ophanshtalajiir (Paladin): Shamash is a dragon born paladin from the Knights of the Golden Dawn. A devout worshiper of Pelor this holy knight tries to do the best in all he can, seeking out evil and doing his best to destroy it wherever it may be. While strong of body and heart his mental facilities are sometimes lacking leading to tactical decisions that are less than optimal.

    Vaynick (Infernal Warlock): Vaynick is a homebrew hybrid race of half vampire. Essentially he fell in love with a mortal who didn't want to become a vampire and so Vaynick made a deal with a devil to begin turning him human and make her immortal without the vampirisim. As it is Vaynick is unhappy being chained to this devil and losing many of his vampire powers in the process and is looking for a way to regain his power while making sure he isn't in breach of contract.

    Harric Dunhill (Rogue): Harric is a halfling who fell in league with some bad people for awhile, a group called the Avrandichi Syndicate. While trying to get out he runs into another halfling who is trying to track down his superior to kill him so Harric and Piddles join forces to go searching for their mysterious figure known only as Faust.

    Finlay Piddleton III [aka Piddles] (Rogue): Piddles is also a halfling rogue who came from a rich merchant family. After the mysterious death of his father and the destruction of the family business Piddles has taken an oath to find out what happened and find the man responsible for it. He runs into Harric and the two set out to find Faust, supposedly the man behind the misfortune. This character has a very excitable personality and believes himself to be invincible, running into dangerous situations over and over so that he can fill the idea of hero that he believes himself to be.

    Itcomon of Bitney (Druid): Itcomon is a human druid who is against the expansion of cities and villages. While not against them enough to destroy and of civilization him and his order believe that stopping the spread of cities across the land will stop any further problems the world is having. He is traveling north on a quest to find out why communication with a group of druids has suddenly gone quiet.

    Garinuk Silvershield [aka Garry] (Paladin): A dwarven paladin of Mordian Garry served in the king's guard for many years alongside his sister. But when giants attacked and separated his people he became a slave for several years. Finally after escaping his main goal is to find his way home to find out what happened to the kingdom he loved and his last remaining family member. While more stoic then the rest of the party Garry has the strongest moral compass of them all, aware that principals sometimes need to be sacrificed for the greater good.

    Flynn Liadon [aka Jerome] (Celestial Warlock): Flynn is an odd character, being a half elf (drow). Descended from a long line of celestial warlocks who want nothing more than to break the blood pact with the heavens, Flynn does everything in his power to resist using the magic granted to him by his patron. His father, a disgraced drow noble, was never really in the picture for him. He has searched his whole life for a way to escape the pact his ancestors made and free himself of what he sees to be a curse.

    Spoiler: The World
    The world the party is adventuring in is limited to a single continent. Some great tragedy occurred roughly 600 years ago and has been lost to time, not even the elves or dwarves can remember what happened that so drastically changed the world. The continent is split in half by a long chain of mountains with a single valley running down the center. To the north of the mountains is doing but burning fields and lakes of ash. The land south of the mountains is still teeming with life. The Khelson Empire makes up the majority of the eastern split and is the most powerful of the nations. East of them hugging the mountains and the coast is the Dulhadar, the great dwarven nation. To the west are several city states in a loose alliance to prevent the Khelson Empire from taking everything over. The valley, while technically a part of the empire, is mostly ruled by local lords. Settlers have been traveling the region trying to escape the overbearing Empire and find a new start in the Valley.
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