Clothes Maketh the Man

Stein listens intently as the Professor explains the use of the suits. "Oh the Sympathetic Typing phenomena where you have a deep connection to a type. Interesting, and astounding. I had thought to try and find a way to bring some more of the abilities forward but this is fantastic!" So then if the color signifies the typing then......" Stein trails off for a moment and looks through the colors that he can see, finally pointing to a dark violet suit. "This would be for a Ghost typing. Fascinating. I would very much like to try one out." Stein had taken some time to look through the PDA before hand. "I suppose the color modification app would be something I need to download at a later date. Would that mean the suit would need an upgrade as well? Suppose I could still wear my lab coat over it to keep my look." Stein was half talking directly and half thinking out loud. "Thank you very much for allowing me to view your work Professor Sequoia!"

At the Shop!

"Claw and Shell? If they do cases they should have everything I'm looking for. Thank you sir." Stein bows slightly to the man and once he is finished helping out his teammates that require assistance, makes his way to Claw and Shell to inquire about a Pokeball Tool Kit before heading back to the Quest House. He also makes sure it is alright with Vera before just disappearing. "Lady Vera, I promise to make this fast but if I may I want to swing by this shop called Claw and Shell to inquire about a tool kit. If I need to save that trip for after we return I will do so gladly."

Spoiler: If allowed to go to Claw and Shell

Stein makes his way over and inquires about a Pokeball Tool Kit with the shop owners. If available he will purchase one tool kit and make his way back to the Quest House.

Spoiler: If not allowed

Stein makes his way back to the Quest House to gather his things.