I will update this as much as I can. It is worth noting that I am the DM for this game. Some posts will be plot lines and not individual sessions.

Spoiler: To Feed a Bear
Our story begins with the party traveling in a caravan. It has been traveling west in the Khelson Empire then north into the Valley for about a month now, though each of the party members have joined at different spots. The party knows each other exist since the caravan is only 65 people but they do not know each other well. Sitting around the campfire about a days ride from their destination, a small town named Ruther, a flash appears in the sky. A blood red comet streaks across the stars, leaving a red streak in its wake. The caravan driver, Matmose, makes a sign over his chest and spits over his shoulder, a common warding gesture by dwarves. Uneasy with this sign in the air the party begins to chat with one another and get a feel for each other's characters.

The next morning the caravan makes it to the outskirts of Ruther, reaching the fields that surround the city. A man comes sprinting up to the party, out of breath and asking for help or a way to get into town. Shamash and Garry step forward, ever the good paladins, and ask what the matter is. The man, a farmer named Ruben, tells them his friend was kidnapped and whisked away into the Whispering Woods by the tribe of goblins that live there. Normally the tribe is peaceful and work with the druid living in the forest and this was very unlike them. The paladins turn to the rest of the caravan and ask if anyone would like to volunteer for the search party. Naturally the players all agree and while Matmose takes the caravan to town to get more help the party race to the farm to find tracks.

After a brief search the party picks up the tale and goes crashing into the woods. The rogues sneak ahead and do some scouting and after a little while find a clearing with the woman in question tied up in front of a cave, several goblins sort of bowing down before it. The rest of the party catch up and they decide to wait and see whats in the cave before coming to the rescue. A moment goes by and a large brown bear comes out of the cave, growling and frothing at the mouth a bit. The party immediately notice something is wrong with this bear. Patches of its fur are missing and these small rock like protrusions are coming out instead with the flesh kind of green in color. At this point Piddles jumps out from behind cover and rushes to the action, targeting the goblins. Shamash and Garry team up and target the bear, trying to draw it away from the tied up woman. After a quick and brutal fight the party finishes slaying the bear and goblins and rescuing the woman. Upon examining the bear further they realize that it was sick, but what disease it had was anyone's guess. Flynn (who has currently told the party his name is Jerome) makes a perception check and notices there is someone or something watching them from the shadows. Spooked the party heads back to town for a night of eating and drinking as a reward for saving the woman.

At this point I let the party level up to 2 because this was more a test system of 5th edition for us. We had played 3.5 for several years together already but I wanted to give them a chance to get comfortable with new mechanics before we hit the ground running.

Spoiler: Heart of the Woods
The next day the group splits up to do different things. Garry helps the caravan being to settle down in their new section of town, Shamash and Piddles go to talk to the local priest of Pelor, a man by the name of Makroth, while the others do a little exploring. Flynn makes a point to stay as far away from the church as possible as does Vaynick. Around mid morning Ruben comes rushing back into town looking for the group and asks them if they would like to take on another problem for some coin. Since they have nothing better to do they all agree and head out to his farm.

As they approach the party can see these large black vines spreading from the forest towards the windmill on Ruben's farm. They have red spikes protruding from them and they have wrapped themselves up and around the windmill preventing it from turning. Ruben requests that they find a way to get the vines off and the windmill working again. Shamash boldly steps forward with his sword and takes a big swing at the fine. As his sword pierces the vine and leaves a deep gash a red liquid shoots from it, dousing him in the sticky content. Piddles, curious, walks up and tastes the liquid and spits the blood from his mouth. After a few more hacking and burning attempts, all unsuccessful, the party decides to follow the vines to their source. Covered in blood the party treks into the Whispering Woods once again.

They follow the vines for about two hours before the forest finally clears a little. In the clearing they can see a very large tree surrounded by a grove of its own, the black vines they had been following extending from the tree's roots. Another set of vines creeps northeast through the forest in a different direction. The trees in this grove are all dead and the largest one in the center seems to have a knot in it about 20 feet up that is emitting a red pulsing sort of light. A brief conversation ensues that went something like this:
Shamash: Okay so we are burning down the dead trees and cleansing the forest with fire right?
Garry: Um maybe we don't need to go that far
Piddles: No but we do need whatever that shiny thing is
Shamash: But can I still smash things?

The group approached cautiously but failed their perception rolls to see the gnome in the shadows until the wolves were upon them. Initiative was rolled and at the top of the round the tree sent out a pulse of negative energy that damaged the nearby players. At this point Harric points out to the party that the wolves have the same bone like protrusions coming out of them that the bear did. Piddles, who had run right up to the druid to engage them, noticed the same marks on gnome as well. The fight was rather uneventful though the pulsing negative energy brought those closest to it pretty low health wise. Once the druid and wolves were defeated the group ripped a glowing and gnarled nut looking object out of the tree. As soon as they did they noticed that the black vines began to wither and die while the clearing itself began to have life return to it. The party rested their for a bit before heading back to Ruther to collect their reward.