Akio and Skylar

Stein turns as the pair asks him for help. "Ah Skylar, nice to meet you again. Your Pokémon are rather fascinating specimens. They seem very different from their usual counterparts. Did you find them that way or perhaps change the physiology? If so I'm curious to your methods and how you came to decide upon that. I especially like that Charmander of yours. Cinder yes?" Stein looks between the two and pulls his PDA out once more, standing between them and kneeling a bit so they could see what he does. "So I want you both to follow along and I will help you set up everything needed. Do you want the finger print or retina scan? It's mainly a precaution incase of loss or theft should someone try to use this to shop as you." He walks them through how to find their Player Card and set up where their money is. He does set up the finger print and retina scan should they decide to make use of it, along with any other features that they desire to be shown.


Stein smiles and is elated to know he can try the suits. "I can understand the need for a waiver. I can't wait to try this out then!" Stein's smiles is wide as his glasses glare over momentarily. "Thank you so very much Professor."


Stein smiles and nods at Vera's instructions. "We'll be back right on time, by which I mean with plenty of time to spare. Thank you coach." He gives a bow before heading out with Alaina. As they walk, he answers all her questions. "I'm actually hoping to find a Pokeball Tool Kit. I want to dabble some in crafting them and making some modifications. They may be of use to our team at some point. Another thing came to mind as it is a weaponry shop. I have a staff but I wonder if it may be possible to modify it. What are you looking for in particular if you don't mind me asking?"

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