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    Quote Originally Posted by iTookUrNick View Post
    "You have unearthed quite the amount of information in such a short time. I'm impressed. It might be more beneficial to make use of your services in the future, rather than take care of you as a loose end."
    Furtha waves his hand in acknowledgement. "You are most kind, lieutenant. Truth be told, the Temple has quite an impressive private library, and I was lucky in my searching."

    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingTheShade View Post
    Rosa nods to Faust. That's what she had in mind. "My train of thought, exactly. It's good to see the priest has done his homework."

    She watches the priest, narrowing her eyes. "Things are going to get complicated. You're not far from the truth, really. Our master makes uses of a variety of catspaw, fronts and retainers. There's some level of, let's say, competition between each and all of them. Consolidation is obviously to our master's best interest." She pauses again, obviously gauging the priest. "Here's what's possible: I say you stop your little side hustle for a couple weeks, time needed for us to, ahem, negotiate with our competitors and things to settle down. On your side, you learn anything more about our competitors, you get us word. Once we're done, on our side, we promise we'll get a you a preferential rate on the cut, going as easy on you as possible. That works for you? I think it's in your best interests we succeed, don't you think? Better the Devil you know." Rosa smiles, once again.
    {Deception: Success} Furtha waggles his bushy eyebrows in thought for a moment. He shrugs. "You know, I don't think I've much choice, and what you suggest doesn't sound unreasonable. I'd already decided against any more business for the time being, at least until I could guarantee that I wouldn't have a repeat visit from your master. (Nothing like an animated skeleton appearing out of nowhere to set the heart pounding!) So, ah, that part of the deal won't be any trouble. As for the competition, you mean the, ahem, 'cultists', yes? I that's the case, I'll see what I can scrounge up. Of course, you understand I'll be busy the next few days with the festival preparations, so I won't be able to devote the entirety of my time to research. I'll need to maintain my position here in order to best help you." Furtha hurriedly raises his hands. "But I can spare some time, don't worry! There's not too many things that I have to supervise directly, after all. And there may be a few unorthodox methods I can use to help me."

    Furtha clasps his hands together and his posture relaxes. "Well, that's settled, then! Ah, is there an establishment that I could send a note to in order to let you know I've found something? Otherwise, If you come back anytime after the festival, three days from now, I expect I'll have found something. That is, if there's anything in the library here to be found. Of course, you're free to check in sooner as well, it's up to you."
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