"Wise decision. You can leave a message with Esme, at the Mermaid. Yet, we may have to move around thus miss any message. We'll have to check on you anyways."

Rosa cringes at the thought of trying to get Borgrim to settle down in a library, images of burning books and crumbling bookcase come immediately to mind. "My sword wielding colleague isn't too fond of books nor time spent in dusty libraries." Rosa pats the half-orc on the shoulder as if to express, it's okay, we like you like you are.

"Yet, we may well need to come check those books at a later date. As for your own research, I advise looking for a Crow deity, possibly with shape-shifting followers, whose divine focus looks like the feather I've shown you earlier."

Rosa gives questioning looks to both Faust and Borgrim. "Anything else? Or it's time we leave our newest associate to his own devices?"

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Delegate boring library work while we go bash more heads, wrist more hands and lie and cheat and threaten our way through this quagmire.