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"["Anything else? Or it's time we leave our newest associate to his own devices?"
Furtha nods. "Of course, I wasn't suggesting that you pour through the documents with me; In any case, I'd have plenty of trouble getting you permission into the library regardless. Best you leave me too it. Oh, and before you go, could I see the feather amulet once more?"

Furtha scrounges about in a drawer before pulling out some thin parchment and charcoal. He takes the feather and makes a quick rubbing of the amulet on the parchment. "There, now I won't have to worry about missing any detail." Furtha hands back the feather pendant and places the parchment in the top drawer of his desk.

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I require five minutes alone inside the temple - with no one watching, do you understand? Inform me of a time of day when this may be possible, and .. you and I will have an accord.

Then he smiles, and pats the priest on the shoulder in a friendly manner.

Good doing business with you, priest Furtha. Thank you kindly, and have a pleasant day.
Furtha leans in to listen to Borgrim, and shoots Rosa a questioning look. Furtha throws up his hands. "There is an entrance into the courtyard from the alley North of the Temple, just off of Temple Street. Knock on the door three times, at midnight tonight, and I shall let you in. Against my better judgement."

Furtha makes a show of standing up, and sweeps his arm toward the door. "A good day to you all."