Abyssal Ghoul

The abyssal ghoul: a being much like its regular cousin except for the challenge rating, location, lore, and most iconic ability.

Not going to pretend this is good: 16 undead HD ruin basically all chances of the ghouls being good PCs. The unimpressive stats, assorted energy immunities, and low SR don't help, and neither do Improved Grab and the wisdom-drain-on-pin (did I mention the ghoul has a terrible grapple modifier). They have three weakish claw attacks, all of which spread an otherwise unremarkable disease (it can't even turn victims into more ghouls).

For some reason, this thing has some rogue abilities tacked on (5d6 sneak attack and uncanny dodge). They don't make much of a difference, but I guess they're better than nothing.

Overall, I'm not going to dwell on this for long because it's just a big pile of RHD with fairly random abilities. -0 LA, next.