[Mountain Slopes]

It's hard to stare into fire for extended periods of time, so Damon gets the visual privacy he desires. "Your battle is my battle. I will kill every demon, down to the smallest imp, even if I have to tear all nine hells out of reality with my own two hands," Ilpholin somewhat clarifies. "Though Sargon is my immediate goal. He's the head of their alliance and his fall would surely cause a bloody power vacuum. He's most likely in the castle he stole recently." Gotta find that.

Realizing she didn't exactly answer the question, Ilpholin glances at the ground, looking for the entrance they seek. "Their existence cause everyone suffering. But make no mistake, I kill them for my sake alone."

[Gem Mountain - North]

Rein glances at Tina and down at the mess. "What? No, definitely not." Rein just lightly prods the goop with his boot and has to shake it off. "We got a lot to go and I don't want this stuff all over me until we're closer to done. Speaking of done, how much does this have left?" Rein asks, handing Tina back her fire extinguisher.

Frowning at the hallway, Reinholdt turns back to the study. "We don't know if the rest of them will pop to life if we pass by them, so we should probably hold off on that for a moment. Besides, come here. I wanted to show you something." He'll lead the way back to the bookcase he spotted earlier.

"Look down here." Crouching down, Rein points out the scrapes upon the floor. "This is one of the tell-tale signs of a secret passage. This bookcase moves somehow. We should figure out how."