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    Borgrim, Rosa, and CÚsar leave Furtha to his research and return to the Temple Hall, which has begun to fill with worshipers awaiting the midday observance. A stately woman, dressed in robes with a golden cord about her waist, lights several incense burners as the trio pass. Exiting the temple, Borgrim proceeds to accost the nearest passerby:

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    Scholarly person! Tell me immediately where to find black pearls and/or lotus blossoms in this town! It's of vital importance.
    An aging gentleman in simple clothing and small, square hat turns in shock to face Borgrim, who maintains a secure grip on the fellow's scruff. The gentleman's mouth works open and closed as he attempts to reconcile the violent act with the fairly polite request. {Intimidate: Success} After 5 or so seconds the man manages to form a reply:

    "Ah, ah, there's an emporium which, ah, sells flowers -- among other things -- on the c-corner of Glove Street and the Street of Knives, sir! A reputable place, or so I'm told! Uh, uh, Marigold's! That's the name, I'm quite sure! I'm afraid I don't know about black pearls, apologies, sir! Perhaps one of the jewellers in the Merchants District? Sorry I can't be of more help!"

    The gentleman tips his hat toward Borgrim and gives a worried smile as he waits to be freed from Borgrim's firm grasp. "Nice weather today, eh? Quite pleasant after all that rain, wouldn't you agree?"
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