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The witch was barely conscious long enough to ask for help, let alone be questioned on what was going on.
I think I mentioned it before, but it should have been the first question for various reasons:

1) Assuming the ship is looking for her, the best way to locate it is to backtrack to where she came from

2) If she was hurt by someone, it's important to know any possible detail about them, so he will find ways to signal the ship and not the other team.

Sure, it's possible that she is too hurt to answer, but at least show that he TRIES to ask and fails, especially if you want to shove the "I know what you want to ask" line later.


Regarding the timeline and the rules of magic, my advice is not to bother with it.
It's pretty obvious that there are no consistent rules or care for details, so every second we invest in it is one second more than Mookie.

I sometimes try to "patch" events to make the scenes more logical, but given what I've seen so far it's a lost cause.

(I still reserve the right to do it if I'm bored, it's a waste of time, but it's not like it's a time I could have used to cure cancer)