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    As they get further away from the gentleman, Rosa punches Borgrim on the shoulder. "Would you stop doing that! What in the Nine Hells and Seven Heavens is wrong with you? You very nearly scared that old man to death!"

    Rosa shakes her head. "We can't go around scaring all the townsfolk or we'll end up having to answer for it. It's fine to put the fear of death in a crooked priest, but seriously everyday regular Joe and Jack must be left alone. I mean it seriously Borgim!"

    Rosa's tone is lightly berating, yet she can't keep her amusement entirely hidden. "You know, there was this fat kid at my village. He kept getting scolded for entering people's houses and stealing from those marmalade jars we kept all winter. He wouldn't even deny it when caught. Well, he left the pots open and had jam all over his shirt all the time. Anyways, you remind me of him. Not that your fat. Neither are you a kid." Rosa scowls at that last thought.

    "Speaking of kids, I need to take a short detour by the Spotted Dog, come on. I promise I'll make it short lest you loose patience and none of us wants that."

    Rosa lets a couple breathes pass. "Well, except in the temple. I admit it looked like a stupid move, but cutting your own hand turned to be, to my own bafflement and it hurt to say, a smart idea."

    Spoiler: OOC
    Rosa's gonna do the responsible thing and check if that kid (or his minders) have called upon her at the Spotted Dog.
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