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The witch didn't lose the pages until after she fell unconscious. They were blown away in the wind, like we saw on the first page. I'm assuming she made this spell after being picked up by the ship. Maybe it healed her, or maybe she just woke up on her own. Either way, it's the only explanation that fits the timeline of events.
Don't think that works either.

Assuming the spell was directed at Snout (probably because it's the only person she knows in the area), why not use a simpler communication spell explaining the situation and THEN create the AI magic?
She has no way of knowing he is interested in the DD pages, and just assumed a person will go on a quest after she blew up his house.

The best alternative I can think of, is that she created the spell while resting in his house, expecting to use it herself with Snout's assistance.
Before she had a chance to explain the ship took her, but the page with the spell remained in the area of the blasted house.

I guess the cave and the house are close to each other?
Hard to tell because of the sudden appearance of the danger zone of dangerous things.