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In short, yes.

You've basically spent this entire thread arguing that "That one time I enjoyed playing an unbalanced game and it was totes fun!"

And noone has denied that if you enjoy imbalance, or set out to enjoy imbalance that you can indeed enjoy imbalance.

But you're using your experience to deny everyone else.

I mean you've said as much that people only find it problematic because they're choosing to make a problem out of it.
Ah. That's what people are reading when I say that. That's not what I meant.

What I'm saying is, not getting hot fudge on your ice cream is only a problem if you decide that it is.

Did you want just plain vanilla ice cream? Then it's not a problem.

Did you want a hot fudge Sunday? Then it's a problem.

So many people are writing comments that I read (correctly or not) as saying that people can only enjoy hot fudge Sundays, or that not getting hot fudge is the end of the world.

I'm just saying, no, the ice cream can be perfectly delicious without hot fudge. It's only a problem if you decide that it is.

I hope this clarifies the confusion.