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    Default Re: [D&D 3.5] [Gestalt] [Closed to new applicants]Another Bloody Isekai - Dungeon Edi

    Quote Originally Posted by FearlessGnome View Post
    You can have either one. The Ravener is stronger, but the Dracolich has a phylactery, making it much harder to kill permanently. Both are LA+4. The gods who brought you here have no difficulty ignoring the prereqs of templates. The +3 casterlevels from soul magic is a bit much, but you can have +1 casterlevel that does not in any way shape or form give you faster access to more or higher level spells. The using hit points as spell levels thing doesn't seem to apply since you get your spell slots from class levels.
    Dracolich needs other dragon corpses though, so is more limited in its utility than a normal lich.

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    Oh no, not more emo prettyboys trying to save the world. I thought I left those behind in my own world.
    "Least you had prettyboys. All we had was dudebros and STEM-lords who didn't shower."
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