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    Default Re: [D&D 3.5] [Gestalt] [Closed to new applicants]Another Bloody Isekai - Dungeon Edi

    Quote Originally Posted by FearlessGnome View Post
    *Quietly assigns RelentlessImp's group the overseer Nightpain.
    Is that anything like Nyte Blade? Cause I loved those games but that parody was a parody just a bit too far.

    Quote Originally Posted by Esprit15 View Post
    "Least you had prettyboys. All we had was dudebros and STEM-lords who didn't shower."
    The prettyboys didn't either. It was like being locked in a highschool boy's locker room; nothing but the rank unwashed scent of sweaty teenagers trying to hide it with AXE body spray pretending it's as good as a shower. Ugh, I think I'm gonna hurl just remembering the scent. Excuse me.

    Less in-character-BS-ish, will it be possible to gain more Isekai powers in play? I thought I saw someone mentioning that.
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