Arclight Reactor

Unless one specifically designed the machine, it would be impossible to tell what each of its parts did, exactly, but the cavernous chamber easily makes up the bulk of the ship, itself, with several components stretching into the depths as far as the eye can see. Which isn't more than a mile, before disappearing into a white haze.

After traveling along catwalks and stairs, the pair eventually make it to the circular platform surrounding the core. Around are several spindly robots that paid the pair no mind. As she approached closer, Beryl may feel a sense of unease, like she is being watched, that only became more acute as she came closer. On the ground, were several inscriptions carved into the metallic platform, written in glyphs and runes that were unrecognizable, but were engraved with a mathematical regularity. These inscriptions were written in cocentric circles, surrounding the core, which now appeared as a large 15-foot glass sphere, radiating red light too bright to see inside, though Beryl could make out no shapes within. Though the light caught the edge of similar mathematical runes on the sphere, itself. Like a massive calculus equation written by a species that couldn't read it.

He's in there, and he wants to get out. Nelnine says. Don't worry brother, we're here to help. We are getting him out, right Beryl? He asked.

Surrounding the core were several electronic consoles that were, predictably, unusable by non-electrosensitive users without incredible amounts of dumb luck. Several crates were stacked around with spare parts of varying size and weight, from small screws to large metal pieces.

Jade and Friends

As the last Veru'nas comes down, all seems clear. Or at least, very briefly, it does, before a bulkhead from deeper within the ship torn open with hard-light blades, as though they were tissue paper. Out steps a large, heavily armored Veru'nas. His suit was strange, black and rippled, with overlapping scales of katchin as an indestructible outer coating to the most advanced suit of Veru'nas power armor, far more sophisticated and potent than the suit originally designed to kill Emperor Hailing. Tachyon fields rippled across its surface, far more potent than hard-light fields, it caused his appearance to ripple and distort like on a hot day.

Warlord Ixil has joined the Battle.

This wasn't supposed to happen. He said as the first of his many weapons was activated, creating an audible hum that increased in intensity rapidly as he released an omnidirectional burst of continuous noise, as his sensors detected how Jade's physiology responded to the noise. The weapon was increasing its noise, until it found Jade's resonant frequency, which it would continue to play until the vibrations of the noise tore her apart. From Jade's perspective, the noise would get louder and louder, at first being annoying, then painful, then unbearable, before becoming lethal.