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    House Greenflame

    Enigma 6

    Dr. Vivian Yarro looked at was perhaps her final set of notes on a project twenty five years in the making. It all looked so simple now, though perhaps that was the effects of the various concoctions that now coursed through her very DNA, and the deep connections she could reach for with the children of the Scion program. This would change everything. Consensus had been reached from the peer review board, and widespread deployment was ready.

    All that was left was to grasp what she had so long reached for.


    The Liness Coalition
    A sound strategy, given our information. My shields are tough and my tactics focus endurance, I would be honoured if you would allow my armada to hold the center of our formation.

    Duke Farid Saquar
    Master of the Grand Marquis

    The Freehold
    “I doubt such a deal will hold up with the Imperial Council, let alone my own House, [75 navy] is an impressive force to be sure, enough to make the defensive alliance worthwhile to the Imperium.”
    Farid’s eyes are stern, assuming that both sides of the table knew how useless such a deal would be.
    “But without at least some guarantee in a time of crisis, I fear it could prove a terrible undoing were we to rely on it. Perhaps such a grand deal would be too much for an initial agreement, how about this:”
    There is a brief pause as Farid considers his next words.
    “Should either the Freehold or the Imperium be attacked by outside forces, the other side guarantees to rally a force of [30 navy] within five years to integrate with the allied navy and aid in driving off the invaders. The aid lasts for a minimum of fifteen years unless the invaders surrender before that.”

    “As a core part of the agreement that will ensure our forces are not all trapped in a ‘foreign’ war, leaving the homeland undefended. [30 navy] is far from an insignificant force, and should be enough to tip the balance in favour of our allies. If the war is so grand that [30 navy] would not make a difference, then we can revisit the agreement. I think a few logical extensions of the agreement would involve a seat for the reinforcing side at the peace talks as an observer, and trade sanctions enforced against the invader, etcetera Things to be discussed at future tables. Do you think the Freeholders would agree to such a deal?”

    Earl Maike Maksim, Earl Rama Christer, and Earl Leif Vasil
    Good Earls,
    My heart is glad with your agreement. I shall reward your good faith as best I can. Let us start this new relationship with a gift, [4 trade] to each of you, so you may steer the fate of our houses for years to come with what colonies you choose to build for our cause.

    Earl Christer, this should aid you in building a University to ascend in the coming years, but to each of you, swear fealty to House Greenflame and let us forge a grand future for the Whitewyne Sector and the Imperium in the years to come.

    Duke Farid Saquar
    Master of the Grand Marquis

    Earl Nasser
    Lord Cahir,
    I am filled with joy at your words. Your house rules over one of the most prosperous systems in all the Imperium, one with astounding potential to grow to grand heights. I would like to see that potential unlocked. If you swear fealty to me I will gift you [6 trade] to boost development, prove yourself to me, and I shall name you a Count of the Realm, and we can work together to have Whitewyne rival any other sector.

    Duke Farid Saquar
    Master of the Grand Marquis
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