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It does seem like a bit of an odd complaint to me. You're not a solo character in DA:O, so you don't need to do everything yourself--just concentrate on the stuff that only you need to be good at, like speech skills, and let your party members do the heavy lifting.
Depends if you want two rogues though.

DA:O is one of those games that's heavy on the rogue tax. If you don't have a rogue with lockpicking skills there are loads of boxes you ain't opening (and you get XP for opening them, which is more valuable than anything that was going to be in them, frankly).

However, the lockpicking talent isn't actually necessary because lockpicking is actually dependent on Cunning and each rank of lockpicking just adds +10 Cunning to your effective score for lockpicking. If your effective Cunning is 70 or better you can open every lock in the game.

And once you have the Lethality talent you can use Cunning instead of Strength if it's higher for damage, and Exploit Weakness on the Assassin tree adds cunning again on backstabs. So just hit the minimum strength for the weapon you want to use and pump cunning and you can save talent points on the lockpicking skills and get monster backstabs.

Traps and poisons are a bit rubbish too so you can ignore them.

So just get a wizard or two set up to immobilise everyone with hold/mass hold/crushing prison and drive your rogue around getting hilarious backstabs all day.