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    Marcus sighs slightly in relief.

    "Well I'm glad to hear you all say that because we never actually saw Lamm enter or leave the hideout. We did identify twenty four children that Lamm is using and five associates."

    At this moment Marcus bring up a life size image of all 5 associates, 2 humans, a dwarf, an orc, and a gnome. He gestures to the orc and then the larger human.

    "These are Giggles Murbol and Ransform Nottley. Both of them have long histories of violent crime and since we know about that they probably aren't too subtle about it. Even I probably wouldn't try asking them to come quietly. It probably wouldn't be too difficult to confuse them but they might just start stabbing if they don't know what to do."

    Next he points to the dwarf and the less thuggish looking human.

    "This is Orsit Goldfinger. He probably won't be too much trouble since he just keeps the books and he's been peacefully arrested before. I'd say he might be the most valuable one to take in besudes Lamm himself but he's never talked before about any of the criminals he's worked with so the odds of getting anything out of him are rather low. Next is Yargin Balko. He's the one I'm the most worried about. We heard the same reputation as Lucian about using magic and acid. I guess on the positive side as long as he's using acid we don't have to worry about the building catching on fire but we might have to wrry about it coming down around our ears. If we have to get in a fight I think he should probably be the first one to bring down. I can try to do that myself as an opening shot but generally speaking the more magical ability someone has the more able they are to both recognize and resist the kinds of magic I use."

    Finally, Marcus gestures at the gnome.

    "And this is Hookshanks Gruller, pickpocket. He's definitely one to memorize and keep a lookout for. He has a reputation for getting himself out of situations by passing himself off as a child. We're going to have to be very careful about not letting him get behind us. He has some ability with illusions so we'll need to look out for that as well. I'm thinking we should come up with some kind of code phrase to let the rest of the group know that something is an illusion if we're exposed to one and one of us figures it out."

    Marcus sits down again and takes out his pencil and ink to begin drawing a map of the building for the group to use.

    "If any of you know of any other people who might be a problem I'll be happy to add them in to the image. I should have a map ready in a minute as well."
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