Rosa smiles at the kid and gives him a slight nod.

"Hello Tully, excuse-me for the absence of news."

Rosa hesitates in front of the tankard. She relents, grabbing her drink, but doesn't take a sit.

"And excuse-me a second time, as I won't be staying long today. How the kid's doing with the help part? I hope you put some heart into it, kid," she adds with good humor. "And I don't think I ever caught your name, kiddo?"

Spoiler: OOC
I originally chose the Spotted Dog because it was the only inn or tavern mentioned at the time, and I knew it was both quite close to the ambush site and on the other side of the river.

So, does Tully have kids of his own? Is the Spotted Dog doing well financially? Because I feel like adoption be someone other than a Chaotic adventurer to be a pretty good outcome, here. And Tully seems to at least enjoy the help, whether he needs it or not.