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That's a fun thought.

Actually I think a campaign set around the early days of Hollywood from the 1910s through the 1940s could be a lot of fun. Sure we know that now (or at least in the late 1990s when The Fall of the Malakim was published) Nybbas is firmly in control of the cultural driving seat but back in the first half of the Twentieth Century Eli was still an active force and there was probably an almighty struggle over the Silver Screen. Throw in Blandine, Beleth, Kobal, Vapula, Jean, Yves, Kronos, Lilith... actually almost everyone could have a stake there except maybe the likes of David or Saminga.

I do like how some animals seem to wind up in Heaven. I never found any clear guidelines about how it works, just some references in passing. E.g., I think Zadkiel has swans helping guard her cathedral, according to her splatbook. And the part on Hell notes how the only 'animals' in Hell are humans who were Force-stripped in Saminga's domain and forced down the evolutionary chain. The wording strongly implies animals naturally exist in heaven.
I could be wrong but isn't Jordi's domain full of animal spirits?

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Hey folks,

Apologies for the delay. Been a crazy week with work and a sick daughter. I've got the next post pretty much done, but I won't be able to get it up until later today.

Sorry again, and thanks for the patience!
Completely understood and thanks for the heads up. Real life comes first and I hope your daughter is feeling better!